Get clear on what you need to beat stress, burnout, and manage chronic pain. Walk away with a bespoke wellbeing plan and strategy in just 60 mins!

Imagine having the approach to your biggest challenge planned and strategized in one 60 minute session?

So you can get unstuck, stop wasting time and finally manage your stress, beat burnout, and get a handle on your chronic pain.

That’s exactly what happens on a "Get Your Life Back" Intensive with Petra. Arrive, confused, overwhelmed, and exhausted; leave with a rock-solid plan and a strategy for making lasting changes in your life that will revolutionize your approach to stress and burnout.

Because the truth is, you can’t just check out a few sites on the Internet and hope a good solution will magically come along. You've already tried that and that's why you are here.

A solid plan is how you can change your life and how you approach stress; it’s the glue, it’s the fuel; it’s the catalyst that will get you going, you’ve got to get it right from the start, or you just won’t get the results you want. Walk away, not only knowing what you need to do, but with an individual roadmap to follow.

Plus, if you decide you want to work with us more, we’ll credit you the cost of the intensive against our group program!

How Do You Know This Intensive Is for You?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night, mind racing with stress, only to face the next day feeling completely drained?

Are you struggling to find meaning in your daily life, feeling disconnected and just going through the motions without joy or excitement?

Are you canceling activities you once enjoyed because chronic pain leaves you feeling frustrated and defeated?

Are your relationships suffering because you're too exhausted and stressed to spend quality time with your loved ones or be fully present for your kids?

Do you find it increasingly difficult to balance work and personal life, leading to constant fatigue and a sense of hopelessness?

Intensive Exhausted

Meet Your Coach

Petra Brunnbauer

Hi, I'm Petra, it's great to meet you...

After experiencing two burnouts in the corporate world and struggling with chronic pain because of the incredible stress I was under, I desperately wanted there to be something more to life than just sadness and suffering.

I thought to myself so many times "This is not what I signed up for!" and just wanted the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, exhaustion, brain fog, and constant pain to stop. I had mentally checked out of my relationships, my work suffered, and I wasn't able to even do basic daily tasks like taking a shower and deciding what to wear in the morning.

I spent decades finding something that would help me and during this time I trained at university and in many modalities like coaching, yoga, and many more...too many to list here. But suffice it to say that I bring the expertise to support you in this journey.

Now I am sharing this journey with other female entrepreneurs who feel like their current life is not what they signed up for. We build a different relationship with stress and burnout, so you can start thriving in life again. Once the brain fog and the exhaustion clears, there is room to connect with your body again, to think about your healing journey, and to dare dream about what you would like your life to look like. Sharing this revolutionary transformation is what I offer now, to reclaim your energy and your life!

"After just one hour of talking with Petra I was able to acknowledge there is more I can do to help myself manage the physical impact of Rheumatoid Arthritis. She creates a uniquely safe space with her presence and enables you to consider new possibilities. She is an exceptionally gifted coach."

Pam R.


"I suffered with severe lower back pain for 10 years, and in one session, Petra helped me clear this pain. I couldn't believe it and I absolutely love working with her!"

Gabriele B.


"I have had the pleasure and privilege of being coached by Petra. Through active listening and gentle probing, Petra has guided me through a thoughtful process of reflection, realization, and action-based solutions to reach my goals. I leave every session with Petra feeling "unstuck" and empowered to move forward."

Elaine C.


Here's how the intensive works

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you a questionnaire about you, your challenges, your goals and what you've already tried (this in itself is invaluable for insight and clarity)

We jump on a 60 minute 1:1 Zoom call, where we go fast, and get clear on your challenge and resources and how they link to your goals and could help you create change in your life.

Once you've gone away and implemented what we discussed, we get connected on Voxer, and you get another 30 minutes to ask me any questions that have come up with your plan.

What makes coaching with Petra different?

Petra follows our own Jōrni framework that takes you through six important pillars of wellbeing.

Jorni Framework


In the first part of our intensive, I will help you tune into your body's signals, identifying the underlying causes of your stress, burnout, and chronic pain. This crucial step sets the foundation for understanding what needs to change in your life.


We will work together to shift your perspective and pinpoint specific triggers and stressors. This awareness is key to developing strategies to avoid or manage these stressors effectively, helping you to regain control over your wellbeing.


Transform how you perceive and respond to stress. By altering your relationship with stress, you will learn how to use it as a motivating force rather than a debilitating one, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.


You will discover how to grow from your experiences, using the stress and pain you've faced as catalysts for personal and professional thriving. This step is about harnessing your inner resources to foster resilience and adaptability.


Discover and incorporate innovative practices into your daily routine that promote long-term wellbeing and stress management. These practices are designed to be easily integrated into your life, providing continuous support for your transformation.


The final step focuses on solidifying your transformation. By embracing a new paradigm of wellbeing and empowerment, you will leave the session with a clear, actionable plan that empowers you to sustain these changes and continue to thrive.

I was consumed with a lot of anger and frustration and Petra was able to help me process and change the way I react.  My family now find me easier to live with, calmer, and I have a closer relationship with my wife and children. I highly recommend working with Petra.

wolfgang B.

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Get clear on what you need to beat stress, burnout, and manage chronic pain. Walk away with a bespoke wellbeing plan and strategy in just 60 mins!


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