Unfreeze Your Life

A 4-Week Roadmap to Break Free from Functional Freeze and Reclaim Your Energy

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Are you ready to thaw out and truly live again?

Functional freeze isn't just stress - it's a state of being stuck, disconnected, and overwhelmed. But it doesn't have to be your new normal. Introducing "Unfreeze Your Life" - Your 4-Week Transformation Journey

This isn't just another stress management course. It's a comprehensive roadmap designed specifically for those battling functional freeze.

Too often, individuals struggling with functional freeze are unsure of where to start, feeling stuck and overwhelmed. We're here to change that.

Our participants have journeyed from a state of chronic stress and functional freeze to a life filled with vitality and purpose using the exact techniques we are sharing here.

What if in just 4 weeks, you could:

Break free from the grip of functional freeze and rediscover joy in daily life?

Boost your energy and finally overcome brain fog and procrastination?

Wake up feeling refreshed, not dreading the day ahead?

Develop emotional resilience to handle life's challenges with ease?

Be more present with your loved ones, leaving mom-guilt behind?

Meet Your Flow Coach

Hi, I'm Petra, it's great to meet you...

After experiencing two burnouts in the corporate world and struggling with chronic pain because of the incredible stress I was under, I desperately wanted there to be something more to life than just sadness and suffering.

I thought to myself so many times "This is not what I signed up for!" and just wanted the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, exhaustion, brain fog, and constant pain to stop. I had mentally checked out of my relationships, my work suffered, and I wasn't able to even do basic daily tasks like taking a shower and deciding what to wear in the morning.

I spent decades finding something that would help me and during this time I trained at university and in many modalities like coaching, yoga, and many more...too many to list here. It took all this time for me to realize that what I was experiencing was actually "functional freeze". This state of being constantly wired with anxiety yet exhausted and emotionally numb was at the root of my struggles. That was my big lightbulb moment.

Now I am sharing this journey with other female entrepreneurs who feel like their current life is not what they signed up for. We build a different relationship with functional freeze, so you can start thriving in life again. Once the brain fog and the exhaustion clears, there is room to connect with your body again, to think about your healing journey, and to dare dream about what you would like your life to look like. Sharing this revolutionary transformation is what I offer now, to reclaim your energy and your life!

"After just one hour of talking with Petra I was able to acknowledge there is more I can do to help myself manage the physical impact of Rheumatoid Arthritis. She creates a uniquely safe space with her presence and enables you to consider new possibilities. She is an exceptionally gifted coach."

Pam R.


"I suffered with severe lower back pain for 10 years, and in one session, Petra helped me clear this pain. I couldn't believe it and I absolutely love working with her!"

Gabriele B.


"I have had the pleasure and privilege of being coached by Petra. Through active listening and gentle probing, Petra has guided me through a thoughtful process of reflection, realization, and action-based solutions to reach my goals. I leave every session with Petra feeling "unstuck" and empowered to move forward."

Elaine C.


Your 4-Week Roadmap to Freedom

This evidence-based course is designed to be to the point and very practical, allowing you to easily integrate powerful techniques to overcome functional freeze into your daily routine without adding more stress to your plate!

Module 1

Understanding Stress

Module 1 is all about understanding the nature of stress, its impact on our lives, and how to manage it effectively. Understanding stress is the crucial basis to understanding and overcoming functional freeze. We will explore the difference between acute and chronic stress and their effects on physical and mental health, emphasizing the importance of regulating the nervous system and maintaining energy balance.

In this module you'll explore:

  • The definitions and types of stress, including acute and chronic stress.
  • The wide-ranging effects of stress on physical and mental health.
  • The concept of the Window of Tolerance and how it relates to stress management.
  • The role of energy in our bodies and why it’s crucial to regulate and balance it for overall wellbeing.

Module 2

Balancing the Nervous System

Module 2 focuses on the connection between the heart and brain, exploring how our heart influences our emotions, intuition, and overall health. Balancing the nervous system is vital for overcoming functional freeze, as this state is deeply tied to chronic stress and its impact on the nervous system.

In this module you'll explore:

  • The heart-brain connection and its impact on emotions and health.
  • The concept of heart coherence and its physiological benefits.
  • The importance of heart rate variability as an indicator of health and stress adaptation.
  • Strategies for enhancing resilience and optimizing performance through heart-focused practices.

Module 3

The Energetic Body

Module 3 delves into the concept of humans as energetic beings, emphasizing the significance of maintaining and balancing our energetic body alongside our physical body. We will explore the scientific foundations of our energetic essence and how it impacts our overall wellbeing. Managing our energetic body is essential for addressing functional freeze, which often involves energy imbalances.

In this module you'll explore:

  • The scientific basis of energy in the body, including quantum physics and cellular bioelectricity.
  • The relationship between our physical body, emotions, and energy.
  • The role and validation of energy meridians and their impact on health.
  • Insights from Energy Medicine practices to enhance wellbeing and resilience.

Module 4

Finding Healing in Your Life

As the course comes to a close, Module 4 focuses on advanced methods for managing stress and enhancing emotional wellbeing. We will discuss the scientific foundations behind these approaches and how they can help regulate the nervous system and balance energy, leading to improved mental and physical health. Understanding these advanced methods is crucial for overcoming functional freeze, as they provide deeper tools and techniques to restore balance and foster resilience.

In this module you'll explore:

  • The impact of stress on the brain and how it affects our emotional and behavioral responses.
  • Scientific research supporting the effectiveness of various stress management methods.
  • The role of the body's energy systems in managing stress and promoting wellbeing.
  • Practical applications of these advanced techniques to enhance resilience and reduce stress.

Here's What You'll Receive

4 video modules with PDF guides you can access any time in your dashboard and work through on your individual schedule - from the comfort of your own home.

Between modules, you’ll have the option of practicing new tools to accelerate your learning and integrate each module. 4 resource videos will demonstrate and explain the techniques.

Our exclusive Facebook online community is the perfect place to continue your progress after each module. Here, you can continue the discussion about your course and interact with fellow members to take your healing to an even deeper level.

I was consumed with a lot of anger and frustration and Petra was able to help me process and change the way I react.  My family now find me easier to live with, calmer, and I have a closer relationship with my wife and children. I highly recommend working with Petra.

wolfgang B.

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Don't let another month slip by in a frozen state.

It's time to thaw out, reconnect with your true self, and embrace a life of vitality and purpose.

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