The stats are staggering. From a survey conducted in January 2021, the American Psychological Association revealed that 84% of adults reported feeling at least one emotion associated with prolonged stress levels in the prior two weeks. The top three emotions were anxiety, sadness, and anger. 

Prolonged stress can lead to a state known as functional freeze, where individuals feel stuck, numb, and disconnected. For instance, up to 50% of individuals with chronic stress and trauma report experiencing functional freeze, and 70% of those affected report significant impairment in their ability to function optimally.

Feel free to have a look through our offerings below and maybe you find a topic that resonates with you to head off functional freeze.

Our brand-new 5 Steps to Unfreeze and Thrive Video Series and our super-popular 5 Surprising Habits Keeping You Stuck in Functional Freeze Video Series, the Unfreeze Your Mind meditation track, the Freeze to Peace hypnosis track, or enjoy our Functional Freeze Release Soundscape to melt away stress and anxiety. 

Crisis Resources

Crisis Resources

If you are in crisis now, please check this page for crisis resources around the world.

5 Steps Resources

5 Steps to Unfreeze

Get our free video series and PDF guide to learn about 5 steps to take, so you can Unfreeze and Thrive.

5 Habits Resources

5 Surprising Habits

Get our free video series and PDF guide about 5 Surprising Habits Keeping You Stuck in Functional Freeze

Sound Healing

Functional Freeze Release

A sound healing track designed to balance your brain hemispheres and release the grip of functional freeze.


Unfreeze Your Mind

A meditation track designed to melt away the stress and anxiety associated with functional freeze.


Freeze to Peace

A hypnosis track designed to bring peace and relaxation during times of high stress and functional freeze.